Spice it up with your partner

The advantages and positive effects of massages are long enough known. We know that well-done massage can help us to sleep better and more regular. We know that we can get rid of stress, when having regular massages. We know that we can have our muscles fixed by releasing their tension by massage and much more. But did we know, that with erotic massage, we can have better sexual life? If you have not heard about that before, read below, how to get back your sex appetite.


There are lots of ways, and one of them you can make at home with your partner. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Prepare the right atmosphere. The massage must be done with distinct lights, ideally just one small light or candle, the rest of the room should be dark.
  2. The important – where. You don´t have to have special massage bed, as this type of massage might end up in bed with your partner anyway. The answer is, you must have a comfortable spot, where the massaged person can lie down – it can be regular bed or floor. Just do not forget to make it comfortable.
  3. Use a massage oils or essences. (The chocolate is for the brave ones). With oils or massage creams, all the moves and touch will be smoother and more sensual.
  4. Use the right technique. And here it goes. The appetite provoking kind of massage must be made body on body. Take off your and yours partner´s clothes and just enjoy the massage touching your bodies.


The ending of massage is only up to you both. Anyway, nobody becomes a master without taking a class. And if you do not have a partner to train with, masseuses in matahari salon will help you learn. They are professionals, who know exactly, what part of body needs a treatment. You can pick body massage prague https://mataharisalon.cz/en/body-to-body-massage or any other sensual massages and learn. Or be learnt.